This page will help you navigate through all the things you can do on Wandre. If you are a new User and/or completely lost, feel free to follow the following guide.

Getting Started

First things first, create your travel portfolio and start logging your trips. There are multiple ways to add a certain location to your list.

  • The easiest way is to go to Browse and click through the countries. open_in_browser will open up a modal window where you can quick add a city to your list with the status set to visited by clicking playlist_add. Especially if you just signed up, this is the fastest way to populate your list with your past travels. You can then navigate to your Wandrelist and add information like ratings and dates.
  • Other ways to add cities would be through the search bar or the city page itself: Click on Add and a dialog window will open where you can specify the details directly. You can do the same through the country pages.

The WandreList provides you with the option to enter memos regarding each trip. Simply click on the Expand 0cc2a9727d1fb54878a49fada863bc9c73024055bf2d3cbed6f17cbd4309844f button which expands an area for notes, memos, anything you want to write down that only you will be able to see (an orangle line indicates that a memo exists). Wether other users can see your list can be set in Settings.


Besides setting up your Wandrelist you can also write stories that are shared with the public. Stories can be anything, ranging from interesting experiences you have had in a city to questions. You can add a picture to the story to make it more personal as well as categorize them in order to filter for them more easily. Stories are ranked by other Users using an Up- and Downvote system. Participate in the discussion with feedback in the comment section.

Garnering upvotes will upgrade your User tier that is displayed through colored badges whenever you post.
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Stories are given default images based on the category they're in. Add a photo that you took yourself to distinguish yourself. Adding images into the story is only reserved for selected users since we need to monitor for malicious scripts etc. if we allow for users to embed images. We are looking for a better solution that makes everyone happy!

You can of course browse what our other Users are up to on our Story feed. Sort by amount of comments, the score determined by user voting or submitting date; you can also filter for our categories by clicking the respective symbol. For information on how to format stories please refer to this guideline.

And don't forget to come back to update your list everytime you travel!


  1. Why can't I find my city?
    We only have one standarized English spelling for each city so far, so make sure you look for it in the index if you cannot find it via the search function. We also do not have every city in the world listed since we used a database of cities based on population. We are looking to broaden our location range beyond just cities, so if you cannot find a major travel destination, please feel free to submit it here so we can add it.
  2. How do I add/change a profile picture?
    You can add and change your profile picture under Profile settings.
  3. My Username shows a weird key behind it. Why is that?
    If you sign up with Facebook or Google, Wandre will take your public name as a Username. However, if the name already exists, a random string is appended. You can easily change your Username here.
  4. How exactly do the maps work?
    The map on the front page shows the number of visitors (amongst our Users) for each country, the darker the color the more popular the destination. Your personal map will color the places you have visited in orange.
  5. Why can't I delete my submitted story?
    We want to keep the threads intact in case a user decides to remove a story. Of course, you can just delete your association with the story which will also remove all of the text. The title, picture and comments will however remain.